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Fright Night remake writer talks

FrightNight.jpgThe writer of the new Fright Night has been talking about the remake that's been getting a lot of press since word began that the superb original was going to be modernised and updated.

The new film stars Anton Yelchin, Colin Farrell, David Tennant, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Toni Collette, and Imogen Poots, with Farrell playing the vampire that moves in next door to the teenager played by Yelchin and whom no one believes when he reveals the neighbour's true identity.

The original was great fun, but with the way remakes go these days fans were obviously nervous, I know I was, and still am. So the writer popped up to try and talk us all round.

Marti Noxon wrote the script for the remake and he talked to FearNet through AITH about Fright Night.

"It's starting to film in a week in New Mexico. It's in New Mexico because we've revamped the movie and decided to set it in Las Vegas. But more in Clark County and the surrounding areas, the suburbs - dare I say it, Spielbergian surburbia - that also happen to be in Las Vegas...

...I think it's very faithful in many ways, it's absolutely recognizable as the original, but it's also been updated. Obviously time has passed and there's a lot of interesting stuff to talk about in the genre right now. There's a lot of vampire stuff. I've avoided doing vampire stuff only because what I was hoping for is the vampire who's not a romantic vampire, but a truly predator type of scary, scary vampire. This gave us the opportunity to go there.

Yeah, no Twilf vampires that are all sanitised and that aren't any more menacing than a wee snappy dog. Now we get a real mean, manipulative, and extremely dangerous character who lives above humans, using them for amusement and obviously, for food.

However there are changes, and you have to expect that with a remake don't you? Noxon points us in the direction of one of the big changes.

"One of the things we did - that was in the original movie but we mined it more - was really about the relationship between Ed and Charlie. We were interested in what happens when you leave your friends behind. A lot of the movie now has a focus on 'What does it mean to be a real man?' There's a lot of stuff in it with more of a focus on masculinity and what it means to be a man."

That's interesting, as that's one of the aspects I always remember from the original film. Funnily the article goes on to mention a gay subtext in the original film. Now that is something I totally missed. Did anyone else realise that?

I like the idea of delving more into the relationship between Charlie and Ed, that's the lead character who believes the vampire lives next to him, and his best friend who is originally a little sceptical about the whole thing but soon joins in. He also utters the immortal line:

"Oh you're so cool Brewster!"

So what now? After hearing that from the writer do you think the Fright Night film is on the right track?



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