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Gatchaman new footage online

BattleofthePlanets.jpgLast we heard was that Gatchaman, the new CG film based on the original animé cartoon which was sold to the west as Battle of the Planets, wasn't going to happen as the studio behind the film, Imagi Studios, was in financial trouble.

News has arrived though that the studio has actually managed to recover, well done them, and through some new backing and clever business strategy are once again back in business. Imagi were behind TMNT and Astro Boy, and Gatchaman was lined up to be their next film.

You can read more about the company's financial recovery through their press releases, the good news for film fans though is that they look like they are back in action, and although there's nothing said about the future of Gatchaman, the site is still talking as though it's one of their next releases.

”Gatchaman is a fast-paced sci-fi action-thriller that's the moving story of a lone-wolf maverick youth who finds a family in the most unexpected way. Against a backdrop of stealthy ninja-style shadow fighting to full-scale clashes, five teenage superheroes defend Earth in an epic battle against evil aliens bent on destroying our planet. Currently in pre-production and scheduled for worldwide theatrical release in 2011, this major CG-animated motion picture is based on the hit 1970s television series.”

Twitch found out the great news through the site of Felix Ip, the former Imagi Creative and Art Director. Unfortunately the original article they link to seems to have disappeared, however the official Imagi Studios site tells us they look like they are back in business.

Saying that though, the announcement above taken from the official site does still say 2011 which could well be the announcement from before the company's reinvestment and restructure.

With that there's a new clip of Gatchaman been released, however the clip was made before the production was halted, so it's not a sign that the production has restarted, just a taster of what was and what could be again.

I do like the combination of humour and action in the clip, and it feels like the original cartoon quite a bit, just with some really good high-end CG behind it. Take a look.

Let's just hope the project still goes ahead.



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