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Have your short edited by Kevin Macdonald and produced by Ridley Scott

KevinMacdonald.jpgOn July 24th, if you film something about your everyday life you could see it edited by Kevin Macdonald into a documentary film produced by Ridley Scott and you'll receive a director's credit.

Easy, of course your film has to be picked by the big names, but you could be in with a chance. I would think that there might be a panel of smaller names to sift through all the footage in order to present a final list of the best films to Macdonald in order to edit, otherwise he could be there for some time.

The project is called Life in a Day, and allows for anyone from anywhere in the world to film something of their average, everyday life on July 24th and upload it to YouTube by July 30th to then have it considered for the final film.

Kevin Macdonald, director of The Last King of Scotland (Filmstalker Review), Touching the Void and One Day in September, will be the editor and overall director, and Ridley Scott the producer of the documentary which will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2011.

Yahoo News has the story and reminds us to upload the footage to the YouTube Life in a Day, and what's more twenty of the people whose footage is selected will be invited to the premiere. Sounds good, so get ready to get filming.

I think an average bloke from Edinburgh who spends too much time watching films and writing online isn't really going to see much happen in their life that would be good enough for a documentary, unless I went up the Pentland hills at sunrise.

That could be an interesting side effect of the project, it could make people do something exciting and unique for a day. What would it make you do?

However Kevin Macdonald doesn't just want you to film anything blindly, there are some things you should think about while filming, or rather while thinking about what and how to film it:

What you most fear in your life today?
What do you love?
What makes you laugh?

Also he wants you to take out what's in your pockets at the time and tell a story about them. Plenty of opportunity to plant some cool things. Here's the man himself to tell you what he'd like:

You can read more about the do's and do not's on the Guidelines page at the YouTube Life in a Day.



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