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I Melt With You trailer online

ThomasJane.jpgI Melt With You is a little bit of a mystery film, and the trailer gives little more away other than Thomas Jane's strong acting, he's alongside Jeremy Piven and Rob Lowe which sounds interesting and the director, Mark Pellington, pops up with The Mothman Prophecies and Arlington Road, so thriller is definitely at the fore.

However the trailer is odd and obscure, and if you can figure out what the film is about purely from that then you're a little bit of a genius I think. I have ideas, but they're guesses.

Now I trust the guys from Quiet Earth, so if they say don't go and read the blurbs for the film on the internet because they contain spoilers, then that's what I'll do. However I do think that with this trailer you need to know something about the film.

The IMDB blurb for I Melt With You tells us that this is a thriller focused on four men whose lives intersect. That's all, and while the trailer might be well acted and stylish, I do think it's just gone the wrong side of mysterious to become a little too detached. We really do need a little more to pull us in and give us some idea of what's going on.

Mind you, that will come with other trailers, here's the first through The Playlist and Quiet Earth:

Seriously, what do you think? Just a little too odd?



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