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I Spit on Your Grave trailer online

ISpitOnYourGrave2010.jpgThe trailer for the I Spit on Your Grave remake has arrived online, and it's pretty much as I thought. It starts off quite ominously, but then it falls into the inevitable slots where other films have been.

You'll see shades of Ils (Filmstalker review) or The Strangers, Hostel (Filmstalker review), and other such horrors. Now I do understand that if you watch the original you'll also see shades of those films, but they all followed the original film, I would have thought a remake would have tried to have carved new paths.

Well, perhaps it does, perhaps this is the marketing trying to identify with what the demographic know out there. Then again, perhaps the film plays out like this.

What really gets me is the glib one-liner at the end of the trailer and the snippy shot of the shears, is that really how a woman who had been gang raped and was out for revenge would behave? Hardly. I had expected something more gritty and realistic from the trailer. Was I just too hopeful? Is this just to identify with the potential horror audience out there and the film is something different?

I Spit on Your Grave is the story of an aspiring female writer who is out for a secluded trip to try and get some writing done. A group of men break into the house and brutally attack her, gang rape her, and leave her for dead. However she's not, and once she's physically healed she begins to hunt them down one by one looking for revenge, and that revenge includes torture and murder.

The 1978 original, originally titled Day of the Woman, was a shocking film that garnered a fair amount of publicity and was forced to be cut and even banned in some places. The remake doesn't seem as though it will garner anything like the controversy of the original.

Here's the new trailer which you can see in high definition over at Yahoo Movies. What do you think?



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