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Judge Dredd 3D actor rumour

JudgeDredd.jpgJudge Dredd 3D, first heard about way back in December of 2008, last heard about a few months ago when it was announced it would be in 3D, and now we hear that there's an actor rumoured for the lead.

If this is true then we're looking at a big leap forward in the production, although we're still waiting to hear confirmation about that rumoured director.

Alex Garland was the man who wrote the new Judge Dredd script and we heard in May of this year that Pete Travis was rumoured to be directing, but still no official announcement, unless I've missed it.

However today there's a new rumour and it's for a leading actor to take over the role from Sylvester Stallone, or rather redefine it totally. Bleeding Cool through First Showing has the story that Karl Urban is the man who is thinking of donning the helmet, a helmet that we're told is contractually obliged not to come off the actor's head for the entirety of the film.

I don't know, Stallone's Judge Dredd was good, until that is he took the helmet off and became Stallone in an action film, until that point I thought that he was doing a not bad job, after that it careered away from Dredd as fast as one of those bikes could take him.

I guess the real question is if we'll get a version of Judge Dredd that is more appropriate to the character, and if the rumour is true, if Karl Urban is the right man for the role. Is he?



I think that's quite a good casting.

Well if it turns out to be true, and they get a good writer and director, the star stays attached through all that, and they create a strong Dredd film, a lot of "if's" in there though.


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