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Lovelace to wait for Lohan's freedom?

LindsayLohan.jpgLindsay Lohan is going to jail. A girl who could have had a strong career in film has been throwing it away in typical spoiled rich kid fashion by doing all those stupid tabloid things and ending up hiding away from real life in drugs and drink. So why does she keep getting rewarded?

Unbelievably it's happening again as it seems the production of Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story, the film about Linda Lovelace the former pornstar turned anti-porn campaigner, will wait for her to come out of prison in order to make the film.

Lindsay Lohan was set to play Linda Lovelace in Inferno, despite her ongoing problems on other productions, her up and down films and performances, and her struggles with drink and drugs. However a recent court appearance resulted in her going to prison for breaking her probation which included alcohol education, apparently she was drinking and partying while wearing an alcohol ankle monitor plus she missed a court date she was supposed to attend.

Sympathy quotient nil. However in Hollywood addiction and breaking the law seem to be rewarded and that's exactly what's going to happen as after her short stint in jail she's going to get straight back into the film that could define her career. If she stops throwing it all away. If only non-Hollywood addicts and law breakers were treated this way, I'd give up fighting through life and take to drugs and drink.

Anyway, enough of that, the news is that Lovelace is delayed in order to give Linsday Lohan another chance to play the character, and while it's good news for her, it's also great news for the production, just think of the coverage this is going to get from now until her release and beyond.

Of course if she's behaving like this during the production then it might just work perfectly for them too, not only could she provide some method acting, but more headlines too. Am I being too cynical?

Meanwhile she's being made to look like a tortured soul who is more akin to a saviour. In the comments through The Playlist the director Matthew Wilder said:

"This is a sad chapter in the ongoing tragicomic circus between the tabloid media and the 'justice' system. An outrageously outsized sentence garners attention for all the players involved, but brings only sadness to the poor soul who has to serve it. I am 100% behind Lindsay and can say the same for everyone involved in the production of 'Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story.' Indeed, we are proud to have this remarkable artist work on our film...

... as for the haters relishing this moment, I can only quote Jesus in 'The Last Temptation of Christ': 'And those who are laughing now...will be crying after.'"

Ermm, what? Jesus, Lindsay Lohan? Well at least the full title of the film got in the statement, that's a good thing.

Despite all this I do think that this could be the making, or rather "fixing" of Lohan's career if she wants it to be, the problem is that she doesn't seem to, and is caught up in the world of partying, drinking and drugs.



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