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Machete red band trailer

Machete.jpgAnother trailer for Machete has arrived and this one has a lot of killing shots in it, in fact I think just about every killing shot from the film probably. However there are also some naked lady shots and some incredibly silly ones too.

The entrails window jump does seem very daft, although the effects look a little better than a few of the kills which definitely look Grindhouse.

By now you should know that the film sees a man hiring Machete, an ex-Federale, to kill a Senator against the immigration of Mexicans into America and keen to instigate much harsher and more strict border controls, betray him and set him up to take the fall, in fact strengthening the anti-immigration stance.

He survives and goes on a revenge killing spree meeting Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodriguez on the way. Man, he's lucky.

Here's the new blood and breast filled trailer for Machete which stars Danny Trejo as the main man and an impressive list of appearances that Robert Rodriguez and Ethan Maniquis have gathered together including Robert De Niro.



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