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Men in Black II plot details

MeninBlack.jpgWell the first details about this time travel plot line for Men in Black III have come out and it's not sounding great, nor very original. Of course, as is usual with these things the facts could, and probably do, come from an early draft of the script and many things could well have changed. Then again, they may not.

I'm still not convinced there's a need for this film and it feels like another big budget Hollywood studio attempt at cashing in on the best demographic using big stars and recognisable names of actors and films. Still, let's give it a go.

Before I begin, do be aware that I'll try and remain spoiler free, but talking about plots for films that are far from being completed it's difficult to know exactly what could be spoilers, but it seems that everything coming up will be the crux of the plot and probably revealed in write ups before the film.

The plot for Men in Black III sees an alien called Yaz, played by Jemaine Clement, who discovers that if he goes back in time and kills Agent Kay, played by Tommy Lee Jones in the current time and Josh Brolin in the past, in the past it will set off a chain of events in the future that will destroy Earth. So off he goes. Agent Jay, played by Will Smith, follows him and teams up with the young Agent Kay to save him and Earth. Again. In the past.

JoBlo has the information about the plot, in what looks like a script run through of some description, but it doesn't read too well. They basically say the plot is hard to follow and a little messy, as well as being pretty stock stuff.

Jay has to try and convince Kay he's from the future, there's all the usual issues about Jay being out of place, particularly with Jay being in sixties America. Pretty stock time travel comedy says the plot reveal, and nothing too exciting.

They also have issue with casting choices, Brolin is too old for the twenty year old Kay and the comic Clement doesn't seem right for the blood-thirsty psychotic alien.

The big problem that strikes me is about the plot. If it's that confusing to read through how is it going to make it to the big screen, be edited down, and fit in with everything else that the studio want on screen?

I just can't help but think that the whole time travel plot line is a little overused and unexciting, although it is a way to get out of having Tommy Lee Jones in the whole film. I wonder if he wasn't interested or if it proved too costly to have both stars returning to the franchise?



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