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Mirrors 2 DVD trailer

NickStahl.jpgIt was just the other day I realised that Mirrors 2 was heading to DVD, and I should have realised with such an imaginative title as that in a time when every sequel title comes with a colon.

However seeing the trailer I'm wondering if there would have been a life for the film on a cinematic release, after all there are some recognisable names in there and some of the death scenes remind me of the original.

That said, there are some scenes which look a little poor, and those death scenes are starting to look a little Final Destination-esque, but still, it stars Nick Stahl and a few other faces you'll recognise.

Mirrors 2 sees a recovering addict take a job as a night security guard at his dad's department store. There he sees visions of a young woman in the mirrors. Not long after that people start turning up dead and he looks to be the prime suspect, but he knows there's some connection with the girl he's seeing in the mirrors, and so he looks deeper.



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