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Monsters teaser trailer online

Monsters.jpgI've been lucky enough to see Monsters (Filmstalker review) already, and while people are keen to compare it to other films, I think it does well to carve its own place in science fiction while doing a great job of grounding it hard in reality and with real life, current issues.

The film tells the story of a newspaper photographer who is ordered by his boss to find and take home his daughter from Mexico where she's been staying in a fancy hotel, a hotel that has just been destroyed by an attack from a creature incursion from the Infected Zone, a place where a Nasa probe crash landed some years ago and released alien life forms it had collected on its mission.

These life forms have settled on Earth, grown, bred and occupied a large section of Mexico just on the border with America, and this is now called the Infected Zone. However the creatures do not recognise the borders, and regularly move into new territory, in fact the movement into human populated areas are increasing and are at their height right at this point of the year, a reason why the photographer is in Mexico in the first place.

He finds the girl in a Mexican hospital having survived the attack on the hotel and they start the journey home. However they are forced to take some of the most dangerous routes back, through the infected zone itself.

I really liked Monsters (Filmstalker review) and the performances from the two leads were natural and engaging while the director produced a film that's intelligent and insightful, here's the summary from my review of the film, and as always no spoilers:

I really liked Monsters, it takes a large scale story and focuses on a much smaller more personal storyline, a storyline that is really well scripted and acted out very naturally by the two strong leads. Natural and realistic is something that is a key to most of the film, trying to keep everything as believable and based in our reality as possible, and it works really well.

It's an engaging film that never gets too big for itself when it could so easily do so, and despite the obvious parallels with immigration, the moral message isn't being hammered home.

Strong and natural performances from Scoot McNairy and Whitney Able with a great script. Gareth Edwards has written and directed a clever and intelligent film that is far from what you might expect. I'd thoroughly recommend it.

It is a good film that I do recommend, and this teaser trailer for the film does just that, teases enough to get you interested. What was surprising when I saw it is how much of it is a human story and how well it's based in our world and our lives.

Here's the teaser from IGN:



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