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New Get Low trailer online

GetLow.jpgA new trailer has appeared for Get Low, the film starring Robert Duvall as the hermit living on the edge of town who one day announced he wanted to hold his funeral while he was still alive and invite all the people who had a story to tell about him.

Based on a folk-tale, fable, perhaps some truth, the film also stars Bill Murray, Sissy Spacek, Lucas Black, Gerald McRaney and Bill Cobbs to name but a few.

The film has been getting some great reviews, particularly for the performances from Robert Duvall and Bill Murray, and this version of the trailer concentrates more on them and their relationship than the story itself which we saw in the first trailer.

It's a good one, although it doesn't grab your attention as much as the first, the quotes about the film are some to take notice of, and not the usual corporate ones either.

The trailer for Get Low also looks good, and this is something that caught my eye from the first one, the film has a lovely tone to it. What this second brings is an equally lovely touch to the characters and the dialogue between them.

Here's the new trailer for Get Low:



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