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New Tamara Drewe trailer online

GemmaArterton.jpgI didn't get the impression that the graphic novel by Posy Simmonds nor Stephen Frears film adaptation was a romantic comedy, but then this American voice-over trailer seems to be telling us just that, and frankly if I saw this three jokes would have me interested, one song, and the rest looks drivel.

The power of trailers.

Tamara Drewe is not that I believe, and it should be this kind of trailer that is quashed by studios immediately.

The film tells the story of a woman returning to her small, home town and causing an uproar after she's grown up, left, changed and found fame and herself, however returning home brings a clash between her new found life and personality and her old life.

It looks rather fun, or at least the previous trailer did, although the line about the shorts, the sex object line and the closing field moment are rather good, it's just that it's been turned into formulaic rubbish. Or is that the case for the film anyway?

Here's the new trailer for the Gemma Arterton led Tamara Drewe from Stephen Frears that carries a pretty good list of stars.



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