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Nokas trailer for the greatest Norwegian bank robbery

Nokas.jpgAt first what drew my eye to this trailer is that it's from the director Erik Skjoldbjærg who was behind the camera for the original Insomnia film, not the Christopher Nolan remake, but then I saw the trailer and read the blurb and was hooked.

Nokas is about the biggest and most famous bank robbery in Norwegian history, when eleven men raided a bank in central Stavanger holding out for twenty minutes and escaped with fifty-seven million kroner or ten million US dollars.

The trailer looks interesting and conveys the feel of a heist movie, but nothing overly grand, something more akin to a true story, and it does suggest that Nokas could be a strong thriller.

One of the most fascinating things about the blurb is the description of how the film will be portrayed; it does suggest that much of it will be seen through the eyes of others involved around the robbery and on a very personal level.

Twitch bring a big blurb for the film along with the trailer, so let's have a look at that first before we hit the trailer.

In the morning of the 5th of April 2004, the greatest bank robbery in Norwegian history was carried out in Stavanger.

Nokas is the story of this robbery, which took place at the central cash service in Stavanger. The film traces the development of the robbery from early morning on until the fatal shot that took police officer Klungland's life. The story is credibly narrated through details in an everyday manner. Routines and daily activities at the police station and the cash service centre, the unaffected civilians at the Cathedral Square who politely ask the heavily armed robbers if they may pass with their pram, and the robbers who restlessly get dressed, take a leak, kid around, and wait for the great event. And when the robbery is carried out, it's totally unreal for everyone. Even if it's actually taking place.

The robbery itself is the main character of the story, and it is illuminated from several angles in the course of the film, from the perspective of the police, the robbers, the central cash service personnel, and ordinary people. It's a credible and realistic, but fictitious reconstruction, the way it could have happened. The story is poetically and filmatically depicted, with sober use of various genre techniques.

Another interesting aspect is that the filming actually used a lot of the locations of the actual event, I wonder how that would have made locals feel having the robbery recreated in front of their eyes and less than six years ago.

Looks good, and well worth keeping an eye out for.



It is an interesting movie and I can't wait to watch it. I rate the trailer 8 out of 10.


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