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Nolan's first feature Following trailers online

ChristopherNolan.jpgThere's been a lot of talk of Christopher Nolan of late, and not just because of his excellent Inception (Filmstalker review), but because his first feature film is going to be shown on IFC On Demand in the U.S., and to mark that there's a new trailer been released.

You can see the new trailer and the original right here, and they are worth a watch. You might also recognise the name of one of the lead characters, Cobb.

The film is, of course, a thriller, and from the accounts I've heard a pretty damn good one at that. However it was made at a fraction of the cost of any of his recent films.

Here's the blurb that comes with the new trailer:

Out of boredom and frustration, a writer picks out strangers at random from the crowded streets of London and follows them. He shadows people to see where they go, how they spend their days. Reasoning to himself that he is gathering useful material for the fictional characters in his writing, he starts following the same people more than once, drawn to discovering more about their lives.

He is confronted by a professional burglar named Cobb who demands to know why he is following him. Cobb then takes him along on a robbery, showing him the ropes and demonstrating his ability to make deductions about his victims from their possessions. Increasingly involved in Cobb's nefarious activities and obsessed with a woman whose home they've burgled, he becomes enmeshed in a perilous web.

So here's the new trailer for Christopher Nolan's Following:

To compliment it, and not quite the same quality, is the old trailer:



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