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Norrington's The Crow gets rewritten

TheCrow.jpgStephen Norrington was all set to remake The Crow, he had written the screenplay, was set to direct, and rumours were flying about a leading actor. However things seem to have changed since then as a new writer has been announced.

It seems a little strange as Norrington's screenplay has been out there for a while and the producer was praising his take on the original story and his visual ideas. Now, it's a whole new script.

Nick Cave is the one that's been brought on board to write the new version of The Crow, and I find that rather intriguing really. He wrote two screenplays, but the most memorable was the excellent The Proposition for John Hillcoat's film, after he wrote Ghosts... of the Civil Dead for the very same man.

I think Cave could produce a rather good screenplay for The Crow, and it certainly would be different, but I have to ask why Stephen Norrington's script has disappeared after all this time, especially when producer of the previous films, Edward R. Pressman, said previously:

"Obviously it's a different time and a different idea, but I think Stephen is a very talented fellow and I'm very excited to work with him...I think it's a very different conception [than the original film]. After the first 'Crow,' there were so many other films that were inspired by it, by its look. Steve is an artist himself, and he's created a very different visual idea."

Mind you, that was June of this year, I had it in my head that it was ages ago, and if you read that comment it doesn't sound like he's actually seen the script and it's been accepted. So perhaps Norrington turned in his version, they didn't like it, and spent a short while looking for someone new, and not too long either.

The news of Cave writing the new version of The Crow comes from The Wrap through Bloody Disgusting, and they say he's rewriting Norrington's script. Well we'll have to wait some time longer to see how this Crow remake turns out.



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