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Nowhere Boy new trailer online

NowhereBoy.jpgThe Nowhere Boy is the story of John Lennon's younger years and the formation of The Beatles, it's a film that's seen a release in a lot of countries, but is still to be released in a few, including America, and so a new trailer has arrived.

I quite like this trailer, it tells the story that also introduces the band being formed, something we don't really see elsewhere, and has a few nice moments, such as the mother mentioning the band but not by name, and the single chord strum at the closing credits which you instantly recognise as the band that shall not be named.

It's a good trailer for a film which is receiving pretty good press, and above all it's the story of John Lennon in his younger years, and the beginning of the road to what The Beatles would become.

It's nice to see some of Paul McCartney in there, and with Aaron Johnson playing Lennon, Thomas Sangster playing Paul McCartney, and Sam Bell playing George Harrison there's a strong line-up, then there's Kristin Scott Thomas playing Lennon's aunt who looks after him for most his life and Anne-Marie Duff plays his mother.

Here's the new trailer for Nowhere Boy:



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