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Operation Endgame trailer online

MaggieQ.jpgTake the plot of Mr. & Mrs. Smith and drop the marriage part, and leave the two rival assassins given contracts to kill each other, then make them teams and expand that contract for the entire team, there's Operation Endgame.

It's an action comedy that actually looks pretty interesting from the trailer, but seems to be destined for a DVD release, which is a shame considering the names involved - Emilie de Ravin, Zach Galifianakis, Adam Scott, Rob Corddry, Maggie "drool" Q, Brandon T. Jackson, Odette Yustman, Joe Anderson, oh and of course Ellen Barkin, Jeffrey Tambor and Ving Rhames.

That's quite the list right there isn't it? No huge names, but some pretty good actors and actresses none the less, look there's Ellen Barkin, Jeffrey Tambor, Ving Rhames and the gorgeous Maggie Q. Then the trailer does look like a lot of fun.

I did think that when Rob Corddry appeared we were heading the usual comedy route, but actually it turned things around, and I do love the cheesy line at the end for Ving Rhames.

It does look like it could be a bit of fun, but with a cast like that why doesn't it get a little more notice? Why is it just falling out on DVD?

This trailer for Operation Endgame comes through Latino Review:

The plot is that a new recruit arrives at a secret government agency that employs two competing teams to carry out their dirty work. When the boss of these two organisations is found dead the agencies think the other is responsible, and suddenly the office rivalry becomes serious, especially when the main suspect is the new recruit and his ex-girlfriend works for the rival agency.

Might seem a little convoluted but the set-up sounds a lot of fun doesn't it? Is it so bad that it has to go direct to DVD then?



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