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Predators sequel, and whose film is it?

Predators.jpgUnsurprisingly, with the restarting of a franchise as Predators is intent on doing, you wouldn't expect the first film to close itself off at the end, and indeed you wouldn't expect that with any film, franchise or not, for the studio would always want the chance at a sequel if there's enough taken at the box office.

Now it's becoming increasingly popular for sequels to be announced before the first film is even released, although the announcement takes the form of speculation and suggestions on the part of the film-makers, which is just the case with Predators.

Speaking about his next film, Nimród Antal reveals that he's keen to work with Robert Rodriguez again and that they might well be looking at another Predators film.

He was talking to The Playlist about the film and revealed that a sequel has been discussed, but only between director and producer:

"Between Robert [Rodriguez ]and I, but no one else so far. We'll see what happens this next weekend."

We see and hear this time and time again, and of course Antal was responding to a direct question of whether there has been talk of a sequel. Of course there has, the director and producer have been, and why not? They've been on the film, working away, creating something they've both enjoyed doing, and it's a big job that promises more steady, paid work in the future. More than that, it's marketing for the current film.

So there could well be a sequel, although he does say that he's not concerned about box office returns, he just wants to make a good film. I like that attitude, and he's a realist too, for he says that 20th Century Fox and the production company are interested in the returns, just not him.

What comes out of this, and a story over at The Guardian, are some interesting comments that make me wonder who really owns a film.

Here Antal says the following when speaking about Robert Rodriguez:

"He was graceful. He treated me like a partner, an equal...And for that I'm grateful."

Well wouldn't he? Shouldn't he? After all Nimród Antal is the director of the film lest we not forget, and Robert Rodriguez is the writer, or rather he was the writer of the original draft in the mid ninties, although the Predators writing credits go to Alex Litvak and Michael Finch who actually wrote the screenplay. So Rodriguez owns the production studio behind the film and is one of the three producers on the film, with a co-producer credit and executive credit also handed out.

However read some of the marketing for the film and particularly The Guardian article, and you'd be forgiven for thinking that Rodriguez wrote and directed the film. Although Antal gets a credit in the article it's all about Rodriguez.

"...just as Tarantino bounced back with Inglourious Basterds, so Rodriguez has been taking time to regenerate, with a bunch of projects that, as well as the aforementioned, include the long-delayed sequel to Sin City and, most curious of all, another reboot: a whole new instalment of Spy Kids..."

The "aforementioned" refers to Predators, the point of the article. For me this film is more about Antal than Rodriguez, but once again he seems to be taking the back seat when it comes to the work away from the camera.

Interesting that the article mentions Quentin Tarantino making a return with Inglourious Basterds (Filmstalker review), a comparison that doesn't go well here since Tarantino did write and direct that film, Rodriguez wrote a script that the writers of Predators may have referred to, but not enough to give him a writing credit on the film

Don't get me wrong, I'm not having a go at what Rodriguez has done, because if this is good I'll be straight on board with it, and I realise that his script did eventually help pave the way for this sequel. Not only that but he's chosen a great director for the film, and without him and his studio I don't think we would be seeing this film.

What I am saying, or rather questioning, is how much is this really Robert Rodriguez's Predators and how much should it be Nimród Antal's Predators?



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