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Priest trailer arrives

Priest.jpgThe Scott Stewart directed film Priest has arrived with Paul Bettany playing the priest who disobeys the laws of his church to team up with a young Sherrif, played by Cam Gigandet, and a priestess, played by the gorgeous Maggie Q, to track down a group of renegade vampires who have kidnapped his niece.

Sounds good already, and the cast list seems interesting too with other names such as Stephen Moyer, Karl Urban, Lily Collins, Mädchen Amick, Brad Dourif and the great Christopher Plummer.

A difference in Priest is that it's set in a futuristic society, and these are not your Twilf vampires, not by a long shot. In fact the vampires here are pretty evil creatures and look far removed from humans.

I like the look of the film, even if I am thinking Blade through a lot of it, I think of that as a good thing, plus I'm really glad the vampires look that creature-esque, I think we're seeing a reactionary swing back in terms of vampires after they've been far too domesticated in recent years.

Have a look at the trailer and see what you think.



will this picture have an adult rating...[more towards the blade arena away from the more commercial underworld movies]...


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