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Raimi talks World of Warcraft

WorldofWarcraft.jpgSam Raimi has been talking about his adaptation of World of Warcraft into a film, well can we really call it an adaptation? Anyway, he's creating a story and film from the game and there's an interesting reveal in the story as to why it, and so many of his other films, work. It's a simple statement that a lot of Hollywood really should follow for films and don't.

The news about the World of Warcraft film is not really surprising, it's not close to being made at all and that's probably because there really is no story to World of Warcraft, not like a book adaptation, it's so open ended and is whatever people make of it.

Looking at it that way it's going to be one hell of a job to create an adaptation, never mind a good one, but Sam Raimi answers that point very easily.

"When you love something, you understand it inside and out - and that way, you know how to direct the picture. When you're behind the camera, you know why that scene isn't working and you know what the heart of it is supposed to be about so you know what to communicate to the actors and the cameramen or to the crew."

Boom. There you have it. That's the answer to so many half-hearted to poor adaptations of many films.

I don't believe you have to love something to adapt it well, but you have to understand and experience it, and at the very least like it. If you read or play something and don't get taken in by the story even a little bit then it just won't work. Now I don't mean just the screenwriter, because more often than not that's exactly the case, no I mean everyone who has a hand in the film creatively, from the studio to the producers to the director.

Back to the World of Warcraft film though, simply called Warcraft so far. It's no surprise that it's taking a good while to get the film going because the game is a Massive Muliplayer Online Role-Playing game where real people are playing characters in the world and not computers, there are no real set storylines and it changes with every new creature you meet, a creature backed by a real human being. Considering that it's hard to adapt into a film, for there is no traditional set story.

What Raimi and the screenwriter Robert Rodat are doing right now are working on the treatment which he tells MTV Movies is sitting at forty-seven pages long. They're taking their time and finding the right story before just racing ahead with the commercial tie-in and making the most of the title financially, for they know a film that hits the right spot with the fans is going to make a lot more money, run a lot longer, and be a lot happier, win-win all round. Why don't studios get that?

"I don't know when we're going to start shooting because we're still finding the stories and the characters...It's really coming along well, but there's more work to do."

There you go, that's what he has to say about the subject and it's refreshing, and I think one of the reasons why Raimi is so popular with fans as a film-maker. That and he makes good films. Hollywood take note.

World of Warcraft fans, are you happy to wait?



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