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Seven minutes of Machete online

Machete.jpgThere are seven minutes of Machete online and I have to admit it is looking like a lot of fun. Nonsense as well, but good fun nonsense. Plus in the footage we get to see two sultry sex bombs with Michelle Rodriguez and Jessica Alba, and the manly charms of Machete winning over every woman he meets.

Man, I wish I had his charms. The seven minutes is right here.

You must know the story by now, so I'm not going to repeat it again, suffice to say this footage has started to win me over. Yes it's daft and a little over the top, but it is a lot of fun. Even the entrails leap - you'll know what I mean when you see it.

Robert De Niro looks good in Machete, as do the ladies, and Danny Trejo looks set to kill everyone in some terrible ways.

Here's the seven minutes which AITH found:



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