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South Pacific remake

SouthPacific.jpgThere's going to be a remake of South Pacific, although this one is described as a harder edged version of the original, but with all the same songs, or at least the well known ones.

The Rogers and Hammerstein 1949 musical was a huge success and was followed by the 1958 film directed by Joshua Logan who was involved with the musical from the beginning. They made famous such songs as Some Enchanted Evening and There Is Nothin' Like a Dame.

This new film production was actually because of a new stage production. Variety tells us that a revival of the musical on stage won seven Tony awards in 2008 and has been doing well ever since. This prompted Amber Entertainment's Ileen Maisel and Bob Balaban to look into a new film version. The company had also managed to gain the rights to a number of musicals including South Pacific, The Sound of Music and Oklahoma!.

Balaban says of the new version of South Pacific:

”Our movie will be a tougher, more realistic retelling of the same classic story of two very different people whose love for each other transcends their enormous cultural differences...We think there's a whole new audience just waiting to fall in love with its magical score, epic romance and exotic locale.”

I could see something positive coming out of this remake, I really could. South Pacific is a classic, of that there's no doubt, however it certainly does look dated, but then so does Oklahoma! and The Sound of Music.

Do we need to see new versions of all of these films? Should we be so concerned about these remakes considering they are reimagined and reworked all the time on the stage?



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