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Stalked: Scott's and Kosinski's Archangels, Hunchback of Notre Dame rework, Jannsen directs, Gargoyles the new Gremlins, Liman's Epic Quest, free Inception comic

There's a lot to cover in this clean-up article, but there's a fair amount that I want to go through as there's some things I think you'll find interesting, and some things I want to get off my chest. Here we go.

Ridley and Tony Scott are producing a Joe Kosinski science fiction film; a modernised Hunchback of Notre Dame is coming; Famke Jannsen is set to direct her first film; Disney are creating a live-action Gargoyles film; Doug Liman is directing a true story set in the Amazon, and Inception has a prequel comic online.

Ridley and Tony Scott are producing a new film from Joe Kosinski, the man behind TRON: Legacy, called Archangels. According to The Hollywood Reporter Heat Vision the film called Archangels from a speculative script from newcomer Andrew Will. The story will see an elite force that is charged with protecting Earth from aliens and who track them when they get past Earth's defense system - a serious Men in Black?

There's going to be a new action orientated and modernised version of the classic The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The Hollywood Reporter's Risky Business through Empire has the news that the new screenwriters Willie Block and Jake Emanuel have pitched an idea to Paramount that they look set to take up, it's a modernisation of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, like Sherlock Holmes was just updated, making it into an action-adventure story. The story is under wraps for now.

The talented and frankly stunning Famke Jannsen is set to write and direct a film starring Milla Jovovich, Marcia Cross and Bill Pullman. According to The Playlist Bringing up Bobby is about:

"...a European con artist and her 10-year-old son who find themselves in Oklahoma in an effort to escape her past and build a better future. The duo blithely charm their way from one adventure to another until the mother's criminal past catches up with her."

It'll be good to see what she can do behind the camera, but I'm still a great fan of her in front, and I don't mean the X-Men films I'm talking about films like The Treatment (Filmstalker review).

Disney are set to create a film about Gargoyles, which sounds like it could turn into a new Gremlins. According to the story in Empire Lauren Shuler Donner is producing and Zoe Green is writing. Nothing's known about it, but a Disney live action adventure film about those odd looking statues on buildings that come to life to wreck mayhem? Gremlins anyone?

Doug Liman is directing Epic Quest according to Variety, a film about the true story of trying to save a single tribesman in the Amazon, never mind the Amazon itself. The story is based on Monte Reel's book The Last of the Tribe: The Epic Quest (Amazon.com) to Save a Lone Man in the Amazon which tells the story of Reel, a Washington Post correspondent in South America wrote about the search for the last surviving member of an Amazon tribe from the viewpoint of government agents sent to verify his existance and protect his way of life. I would have thought saving the entire rainforest and everything in it would have been better.

There's a prequel comic online for Christopher Nolan's Inception. The link comes from Coming Soon through Empire, who don't have a link to the Coming Soon story, but do have a link to the comic itself over at Yahoo Movies. It's called The Cobol Job, not that programming language all about reports and such, or so I hope. I'm told it doesn't give anything away about the film, but you know what? I'm staying clear. Enjoy.



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