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The Company Men new trailer online

TheCompanyMen.jpgThere's a new trailer online for The Company Men, and since I've just been made redundant and am to be unemployed next week with a desire to do anything to keep working, this trailer really hit home.

What I like about this especially is that it starts out being such a common, everyday story that's been made into a big film with a huge cast, and while I'm sure the story does build into something bigger - there are hints of this at the end of the trailer - it's pretty real for the most part.

The cast includes Ben Affleck, Maria Bello, Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones, Chris Cooper, and Craig T. Nelson as the big guns up front, and those are great guns - apologies to Maria Bello for that comment, it's purely meant in terms of acting!

The story sees Bobby Walker, played by Affleck, who is in a great job and having a great life, suddenly made redundant after the company he's part of downsizes, and as with these things it doesn't matter who goes it's all about spreadsheets and totals.

He tries to maintain his life but is kicked out of his golf club and struggles to keep his mid-life crisis Porsche going, but he's not alone. His co-workers Phil Woodward, played by Cooper and Gene McClary, played by Jones, are both redundant too, and as they redefine themselves and their lives they begin to think of doing something more, something better, and realise the corporate dream is not what life is really about.

The Company Men does look good and from the write-ups the script sounds clever and incisive, however I wonder what the connection will be with non-American audiences.

From the outset there was a strong connection with me, what with my own redundancy issues looming, but then the line in the trailer states this:

"In America we give our lives to our jobs"

I can vouch for here in the UK, it's very similar here, there's a strong live to work ethos rather than a work to live, and I know that's the case in a lot of other countries. I wonder if the trailer is selling the film short, don't we all have this same problem, it's not just America.

Oh I know someone will say that this is the American only trailer and there's a non-American version coming, but in this day and age a trailer goes everywhere, and comments like that can restrict a film.

I say the trailer is wrong with that comment and you should skip over it and give the rest a chance. Great cast, a strong writer and director in John Wells who wrote and directed many episodes of Third Watch, The West Wing and ER, and what looks like a great idea for a film, a real idea. Let's hope the film doesn't lose that for it could have a lot to say for the average person.

Here's the trailer which you can also see over at Yahoo Trailers:



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