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The Cove is seen in Japan

TheCove.jpgFinally, despite numerous attempts by groups who don't want the truth of the Taiji's regular dolphin slaughter seen, the film The Cove (Filmstalker review) has been screened in Japan.

While these campaigners for the film not to be shown say it is anti-Japanese, those who do want it to be shown are talking about freedom of speech and the right to know what their country is doing.

The film opened Saturday across Japan, despite the problems with earlier screenings being cancelled, protests across the country and threatening calls to the Japanese distributors.

Six cinemas, according to the Associated Press story through Yahoo News, showed the film at the weekend and some were sold out with the others almost empty of seats. It is true, any publicity is good publicity.

There are still some eighteen cinemas due to screen the film, something I really hope happens despite the ongoing protests.

One man man was set to see the film and before he entered the cinema said:

"I didn't know about dolphin hunting. Whether it's TV or movies, Japanese have a right to know these things..."

The groups who are against the film claim that it is anti-Japanese, distorts the truth, and has deep connections with a militant anti-whaling organisation. Well personally I'm quite happy if it has connections with anti-whaling organisations, "militant" or not, once you see the slaughter of the dolphins there's really no excuse, not a single one.

Except the Japanese government don't see it like that and are singling out the inclusion of an interview with Paul Watson, the founder of Sea Shepherd, an organisation which Japan sees as terrorists for their ongoing direct action disruption of their whale hunting.

The Japanese version includes a disclaimer and the faces of the Japanese people in the film have been blurred out, after all they can't show who is behind the slaughter of these animals for a meat trade that Japanese people don't seem to know about.

According to another Yahoo News story, one Tokyo cinema had police stationed inside the cinema as well as outside to protect those who wanted to see it, a screening that was sold out despite the protests outside that featured World War II nationalist placards and protestors claiming it was anti-Japanese.

I'm just glad that people are getting the chance to see it, and having seen The Cove (Filmstalker review) myself, I can tell you I never saw anything anti-Japanese in it, definitely anti-dolphin slaughtering and dolphin meat industry, but not against the people of Japan, far from it, they are portrayed as not knowing about what those in the whale and dolphin hunting industry are doing - the barbaric slaughter of the dolphins and the selling of the meat as something other than dolphin meat and something that's good for people, particularly pregnant women.

Meanwhile the complaints are that it's unfair and infringes the rights of the fisherman, and would spread misunderstanding of the film. Why don't you watch it for yourself and see the "misunderstanding".



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