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The Dry Land trailer online

TheDryLand.jpgThe Dry Land is a film I really wanted to see at the Edinburgh International Film Festival but the screening fell on the second week of screenings which meant I was pretty much bed ridden, or not really allowed in public. It now has a trailer online to rub the salt into the wounds.

At first you might think that this is just another mentally scarred soldier comes home story, but it has been getting great praise for the performances and the script. Written and directed by Ryan Piers Williams it stars Ethan Suplee, America Ferrera, Melissa Leo, Wilmer Valderrama and Jason Ritter, and looks to be a powerful film.

Indeed The Dry Land did get some strong mentions from the festival, including an award for the Best International Feature, something that would suggest it is worth going to see. My desire to see it was for the story itself and a slight interest in seeing America Ferrera playing a real person.

I've sanitised the IMDB blurb which, I warn you not to visit the page, is more an explanation of the plot from start to finish, surprisingly revealing and I wish I hadn't read it myself. Here's my cut down, non spoiler filled version. Note that I can't show you some of the edits because they will reveal something in themselves:

James (Ryan O'Nan) comes home from Iraq and struggles to resume a normal life with his wife Sarah (America Ferrera). But the traumas of war have left him scared and unable to adjust.

On the brink of a meltdown and unable to remember what happened to him during an attack that happened in his unit's humvee, he decides to take a road trip with his friend and fellow soldier Raymond (Wilmer Valderrama). James and Raymond drive to Walter Reed to visit another soldier, Henry (Diego Klattenhoff) who was also in the attack.

When he comes back from the road trip he faces another tragic event, the illness of his mother (Melissa Leo).

The events take a toll on his marriage as Sarah relies on their friend Michael (Jason Ritter) for support.

You can see the trailer for The Dry Land over at Apple Trailers in high definition or have a look at the version below:

Certainly looks a strong character piece, and while all the leading actors look strong, this could be an interesting career moment for Ferrera to break away from her well known television role.



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