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The Goon footage online

TheGoon.jpgThe Goon is a animated film adapted from Eric Powell's comic book series by the very man himself, and while it's not clear who is directing the film version, we do know that Paul Giamatti is cast and none other than David Fincher is producing.

The series follows The Goon, a nigh on indestructible hulk of a man, think Marv from Sin City, who was a hired thug for a local gangster who hasn't been seen for some time. In his absence The Goon maintains order in the city and is thrown into some strange situations as he battles supernatural events such as a zombie invasion.

The comic book looks quite cool and the fifties gangster setting the perfect place for the character and bizarrely the supernatural story lines.

The film looks set to adapt the comic pretty closely, and that can be seen from the footage that was released during Comic Con. MTV caught the footage which you can see below through TrailderAddict:

The Goon looks rather good with some great style to it and some strong humour, it's no wonder there's a lot of positive hype for the film already.



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