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The Goon gains speaking teaser trailer

TheGoon.jpgThe Goon has gained a promotional trailer, and this really is a promotional trailer since there's actually not even a director attached to the film as yet, so far David Fincher is producing and Paul Giamatti is voicing a character, but at least the script comes from Eric Powell who wrote the comic book series.

It still looks quite a ways from being completed, but the teaser trailer does look promising alongside the footage we saw the other day.

The Goon is the story of a local gangster's hired thug who is maintaining order in the city during a zombie invasion, on the way he battles many supernatural characters and it's all done in a cool fifties gangster setting and with lots of humour, as the trailer shows.

I think it'll be easy to get people to buy into this film from the trailer, don't you think?



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