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The Hole new trailer online

TheHole.jpgMarketing can sometimes just miss the mark, and I think it does with The Hole. The new trailer says it's the “3D movie event of the year” - they obviously haven't figured TRON: Legacy in that equation, and it's The Hole in 3D, not just the title of the film The Hole. Aren't they forgetting to sell it on the fact that it's Joe Dante's film?

To be fair they do throw up a quote and voice over saying “From the director of Gremlins”, but I'd be tempted to play the trump card here, from the director of Gremlins, Explorers, Innerspace, and Small Soldiers – although I would leave out Piranha and The 'burbs since they don't seem to be the target audience there. Anyway, isn't Dante the big marketing hit here?

The new trailer is okay, but to be honest we've seen everything already, and the previous trailer was much stronger. Yet it doesn't dampen my enthusiasm for The Hole because I know the list of films that “the director of Gremlins” has made, and that has me excited. As usual the 3D part doesn't, 2D for me.

The film sees a family move into a new home and the two brothers, ten year old Lucas and seventeen year old Dane, along with Julie, the beautiful teenager from next door, discover a trap door in the cellar of the house, a trap door that when opened brings out their most horrible nightmares.

Here's the second international trailer for The Hole:

What do you think? If you haven't seen the previous trailer then I'd say head over there now. The story does sound great, and I just hope it's not swamped out by the 3D and that Dante can work his magic.



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