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Update: The Social Network actual uncensored trailer online

TheSocialNetwork.jpgFinally we get a trailer for The Social Network with actual footage from the film, and it's looking pretty good and rather dramatic, a bit surprising actually.

However what really grabs my attention is the ingenious use of Radiohead's Creep at the beginning with the montage of clips of Facebook, just listen to the words as you watch these images and think about what the people are doing. Fantastic.

At the beginning I thought that The Social Network was looking like it could be a fan made trailer, the cuts of Facebook looked pretty shoddy, but then the footage kicks in and we're looking at a fully fledged trailer for the film.

As I said I'm rather impressed. I thought the audio from the previous two teasers was working well, but watching these shots the film looks good, the shots are dramatic and tense, and it looks like The Social Network could turn out to be well above what I had imagined it would be.

Have a look for yourself at the David Fincher directed, which shouldn't be much of a surprise when you've seen the style of the filming, film The Social Network, and see all the major cast members getting down to business.

Update: 20/07/2010
There's an "International" version of the trailer online featuring the uncensored Creep song. Seems strange that it has to be a trailer that is released in multiple countries to be able to feature swearing, I would have thought that it should be called the uncensored trailer, or the non-MPAA or non-US trailer.

Anyway, here's the aforementioned trailer which features the swear word in Radiohead's Creep, no other difference.



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