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The Social Network second teaser

DavidFincher.jpgI wonder if this next teaser for The Social Network was prompted by the commentary when the first was released, about having no images? Well this one certainly does, and it's also rather inspired, or so I think.

I also love the dialogue between the characters, it's so rapid fire and sets up the entire plot of the film in next to no time. Plus it has the look and feel of Facebook itself. I think it's good teaser.

The plot of The Social Network film is simple, the birth of Facebook and the controversies and personalities involved, including those that thought the idea had been stolen from them.

There's a real sense of pace and of rising anticipation with the trailer, you definitely get the feeling that all the voices are gaining in panic and excitement, that there's an element of something being out of their control and they're all just clinging on for the ride, and all with such a simple idea too.

Have a look and see what you think. I think it's inspired. Is there any other way that they could have teased the film? Do remember that this is a teaser trailer, not a straight trailer.



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