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The Walking Dead trailer online

TheWalkingDead.jpgThe trailer for The Walking Dead, the adaptation of the comic book, has been posted online after being recorded from a television showing it at Comic-Con 2010. Now it's not great quality and it is a little hard to hear it, but it does look superb.

Frank Darabont looks set to deliver a great horror television series, yes, I did say television series, and that makes me both happy and sad. Come watch the footage.

The reason I'm writing about the series, and that I've finally decided to write about The Walking Dead, is not only because it stars Andrew Lincoln in the lead role, a role that will give the British star bags of extra recognition, but that it looks and feels like a film.

There's a difficulty here. I want it to be a film, but then I see the potential for a series over a film as well. Meeting new sets of people, new challenges, new cities and towns, and every episode becoming more and more weary, or perhaps stronger and stronger as they gather more and more survivors.

There's certainly plenty of material for a series, but with Frank Darabont writing and executive producing (along with a list of other names) I would have loved to have seen this as a film, although the film version would be limiting story wise.

The trailer for the series is cracking through. The choice of music for the second half of the trailer is excellent and the pace never leaps into typical zombie film hysteria. Plus the effects look like they're straight from a high budget film. I'm hoping for something good from it.

The Walking Dead is adapted from Robert Kirkman's comic book series and tells the story of a small town Police Officer who is shot apprehending a suspect and collapses into a short coma. When he finally awakes he finds that there's no one around, the hospital is devastated and looks like panic set in, and in another room there are bodies galore, lined up, shot in the head and looking incredibly grotesque.

In the streets he discovers that there are still people alive, well not people but creatures. The dead brought back to life, and they want fresh human meat. His home is empty, in fact all homes are empty, apart from one he encounters, and that's where the missing gaps are filled.

Soon he's out on his own trying to track down his wife and son as well as more survivors.

Honestly, watch the trailer, it's a bit of a cracker. I'm dropping this series at the top of my wish list.



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