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TRON: Legacy trailer arrives

TronLegacy.jpgWell I guess that's the negative side of hype for you. While the TRON: Legacy trailer looks really cool and has some great effect moments in it, I felt a little deflation at the end, feeling a lot less than I did for the teasers before.

I'm not quite sure why that is, because there are some amazing moments in it, and I'm still trying to figure out why I felt like that, but I know that there will be plenty of you hugely excited by the trailer.

Let's look at the positives, of which there are actually many, for the new TRON: Legacy trailer.

First up the amazing digital work they've done with Jeff Bridges, how cool does he look? Secondly there's the whole world which looks like TRON but amped up to modern standards. Then there are the vehicles around them, they look spectacular, the light cycles work well, the huge big ships at the start, even the appearance of a new flying vehicle are all pretty amazing.

The disc fights look pretty good, did they actually go through the floor of the world and pop out on the other side? Oh, and up front all the little models for the young Sam Flynn are a really nice reference to the original – see that excellent Black Hole poster too? One last thing is the sound, even on this trailer the sound is damn good, listen to some of the vehicles, especially at the end of the trailer.

Before I go on, let me throw in the trailer so you can see too. It's also over at Yahoo Trailers, which is why I now apologise for the adverts, but at least this doesn't auto-repeat like many of their other trailers:


So what went wrong for me? I'm not entirely sure. The build up for the two Flynn's didn't quite hit the mark, and I feel like I was supposed to be in awe of that moment a little more, the destruction of the character in the disc fight didn't blow me away, and I'm guessing there's a lack of drama and depth to the trailer for me, it does rely on looking at all the cool things I've just mentioned.

Of course I realise this is the first trailer, and it's a trailer released in time for Comic-Con which means it would go down a storm there. I have no doubt there are other trailers to come, and some of them will be featuring more story and depth.

I'd like more concentration on the distant stand off between the Flynn's, more built on the battle they are facing and why the young Flynn is involved.

What do you think? Totally disagree? Is this the best thing yet or did the trailer not quite work for you either?



Still something wrong with young Flynn's face. Not as odd looking as X3, but still not quite right yet.

the logo looks fantastic and would be an excellent style for something over a futuristic style nightclub...


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