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U.S. Exam trailer online

Exam.jpgI recently watched Exam on Blu-ray (Filmstalker review) and it was really good, it's a strong thriller that does keep you guessing, and while the end might dip a little, it does give an interesting ending to the film and a lot more food for thought. We've been missing thrillers like this, plus it's British.

The trailer captures a lot of the feel of the film, sets up the idea well and doesn't spoil a single thing, plus it features the wonderful voice-over from Colin Salmon who has an important role in the film.

Exam (Filmstalker review) is about to air on the IFC Midnight video on demand channel on July 23rd, and to help kick start it, Twitch have found the new U.S. trailer which should whet your appetite. If you can't access the channel I thoroughly recommend the Blu-ray, it's got some strong extras.

Here's the trailer for Stuart Hazeldine's Exam. Now go and watch the film.



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