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Vampires Suck trailer isn't funny but is good

VampireTeeth.jpgI love the fact that there's a film that's going to poke fun at the Twilight series, or rather batter fun out of it until it stops squirming, for the series has suffered from a whole heap of over hype and deserves it.

However Vampires Suck has two funny in it, the rest are standard parody jokes that appear in these series where they take an existing scene and just pile on more of the same or put something stupid in shot.

There are two scenes that sum that up perfectly, the “I've cut my finger” scene where every single thing is just a case of overdoing it, and the werewolf turning scene. Neither made me laugh, and there are a lot of scenes in there that I was just looking at wondering what was going on, the “I'm a killer” scene is a perfect example.

Yet there are two moments in the Vampires Suck trailer that are funny, there's the dance routine, now that made me laugh because the whole idea of the werewolves running around topless, but never bottomless, is daft and that just took me a little by surprise.

Then there's the excellent moment where the fans pop in, and with the spade too, that was good. See a little bit of thought goes a long way. I do wish they'd just drop the standard parody jokes and make it a little more thought through.

See for yourself with the trailer.



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