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Verbinski talks Bioshock film problems

Bioshock.jpgYou'll remember that back in April of 2009 it was revealed that the Bioshock film adaptation was halted because of escalating budget, and it was quite some escalation. Come August of that year we heard that a new director was attached to the film, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo who directed 28 Weeks Later, just under a week after we heard that Gore Verbinski had left.

It may have been a huge difference between the director of the Pirates of the Caribbean series and the director of 28 Weeks Later, but the budget problems have remained and the film still can't get made under new leadership.

Is it really any surprise? Have you played the game? The idea of an underwater city where glass walkways reveal the beauty of the depths, tunnels and rooms are being flooded, mutated humans roam the city and there are some rather large robots walking around too. Then there's the fact that the main character of the game, you, can take different drugs to affect your own abilities and form.

So you can tell from just reading those few lines that the budget would be huge, but then listen to this.

A trilogy of films that follows pirate galleons through multiple battles against the British fleet at the high seas as well as huge mythical sea monsters and a crew of half-human, half-sea creature undead seamen who captain a galleon which races underwater and surfaces to destroy ships and crew.

Now think about that and decide for yourself which of these sounds the bigger budget, and then ask yourself how the Pirates of the Caribbean films ever got made.

There's another thing to think about. Gore Verbinski tackled the huge films of the Pirates of the Caribbean series and managed the budgets, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo largest budget to date is sure to be 28 Weeks Later, there's quite a gulf between those two films.

Perhaps it would be wise to look at bringing Gore Verbinksi back on board the project?

Speaking to IGN through Bloody Disgusting he said:

"We're really down the road with Juan Carlos and right now it's really a budget thing and how to keep the integrity and keep it a Hollywood movie because it could balloon. It's a lot. Our first budget was extraordinarily high and we're working on it..."

The rest of his comments are as per previous stories, not sanitising it for a younger audience and trying to keep the budget at a decent level.

I'm not sure that the film will get made this way, and it's failed once with Verbinski at the fore, and he's a proven big budget director. Are we going to see Bioshock made at all?

Another thing to think about in that comparison above is that the Pirates trilogy films were all 12A, a great demographic for a studio for getting the most from a box office and merchandising, something that Bioshock hitting an R or 15 or 18 rating wouldn't bring.

In summary, if they are really trying to limit it to an R or 15/18 rating then the studio options are limited in getting back that budget so they will be cautious. Plus with the director not really being proven on such a big budget film, there's an added level of cautiousness from the studio.

I'm not entirely sure if we're going to see a Bioshock film for a very long time.



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