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Welcome to the Rileys trailer online

WelcometotheRileys.jpgKristen Stewart is indeed pulling as far away from her Twilight image as possible, as I've just written about in the review for The Runaways and will be posting today, she's playing characters that are smoking, drinking, having sex, taking drugs, and in this trailer, stripping and prostitution.

However that's not the focus of Welcome to the Rileys, it's the powerful story of the parents who are struggling to get over the death of their daughter, and when the father, played by James Gandolfini, sees a woman who looks like her, he seems to adopt her as a surrogate daughter and the wife is reluctantly pulled along.

The mother, played by Melissa Leo, is struggling with life without her daughter and is on all manner of prescribed drugs, afraid to even step out the front door into real life, and so when her husband goes to a conference in New Orleans and declares he's not coming back for a while she takes a huge leap, and goes out after him.

When she arrives she finds that he's moved in with a stripper and prostitute she's outraged, but then she sees the girl and realises the resemblance to their lost daughter, and she too tries to move into the teenager's life and look after her.

The trailer looks really interesting and powerful, and with James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo taking the leads we know we're in for a superbly acted story, and then there's Kristen Stewart who, up until I saw The Runaways, I would have dismissed in a serious role. However that film surprised me, she surprised me, and although it wasn't perfect, she gave a great performance. I do think that in a good few years we're going to see Stewart taking up some really juicy leading roles and owning them.

For now though she looks good being the focus of these two strong leading actors, and the trailer for the film found through Pajiba which you can see online at Yahoo Trailers, looks really good. Give it a go.



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