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127 Hours trailer online

127Hours.jpgDanny Boyle directing a film about an all round adventurer whose arm is trapped under a boulder while canyoning (as I would call it or canyoneering as the blurb does) in Moab, Utah. He's trapped, there's no one around and no rescue coming, and so after five days alone he has to decide how far he'll go in order to get free and get to safety.

127 Hours sounds like it should be a harrowing film, but the trailer has a light, whimsical look that reminds me a little of some past Boyle films and doesn't manage to get through to me the depth of the situation or what the character's facing.

You know if all I saw of 127 Hours was this trailer I would be sorely disappointed, actually no I wouldn't be disappointed as I would know nothing about it and I'd just pass by it looking for something better.

I think part of the problem is the trailer concentrates on him biking through the desert, the previous films of Danny Boyle, the style, and the girls. The suggestion from the trailer is something quite different from the film I'm sure we're going to get.

James Franco plays the lead character, Aron Ralston, and this is all based on a real life event. So the question is why didn't it play more on that and the desperate situation that the real life character was placed in? After all he survived there for five days awaiting rescue, and when it never came, and after five days of recalling everything important in his life, he decides to take action to free himself.

That's not the end of the story though, there's a sixty-five foot cliff wall facing him and an eight mile journey to rescue.

We also see Kate Mara and Amber Tamblyn in the trailer which you can see below or over at Apple Trailers, and Lizzy Caplan and Clémence Poésy also star.

What do you think? Style over substance? Sure it's cool, but does it really get you hooked in the film? I think the blurb does more than anything.



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