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Another Bob Marley biographical film, or is it?

BobMarley.jpgThere have been a number of attempts to make a biographical film about Bob Marley and like so many musical biographical films they stumble at an all important part of the film making process, the rights. For without the rights you can't get the music and without the music what use is the film?

So another attempt has been announced but there are a number of queries about it, for instance it seems to be one year in the life of Marley and it may well be fiction. That doesn't sound like a biographical film to me.

Marley lost it's director for a second time and has been quite since, there was one that Jamie Foxx was rumoured to be starring in, and there just hasn't been anything heard from the other Marley film since it was announced. So there have been attempts, but nothing really has made it to the big screen as yet.

The news of the latest Bob Marley film tells us that Jenny Ash is developing the film that will concentrate on the year that Marley left Jamaica after an attempt on his life, when he was suffering a football (soccer) injury which Deadline Hollywood Daily says “triggered” the cancer that killed him, he met the Sex Pistols as they began to rise along with Punk, he had an affair with the Jamaican Miss World Cindy Beakspeare and the year of his legendary Rainbow Theatre show.

Now that's already a lot of material and a lot of directions to cover for the film, despite it only being a year of the man's life. Some would argue that's not really a biographical film, and I would agree, one year is far from his entire life, however there's something more important to pick up on in the comment from Jenny Ash:

”There’s never been a fiction film about Marley...We’ve never had a sense of him as a real man, as opposed to the legend.”

Fiction? Let me just check that. From the Cambridge Dictionary:

Fiction...the type of book or story which is written about imaginary characters and events and not based on real people and facts

Yup, thought so. Okay so it's a year from his life, but it's also made up, call me crazy but that's no biography, isn't it?

Add to that the fact that the story highlights there's still a problem over rights, the usual stumbling block for these films and even Martin Scorsese's attempt at a Bob Marley documentary came up against the very same problem. The film doesn't have any rights to the songs of Bob Marley as yet.

Now considering it's a fictional view of one year of the man's life, a period where he had an affair, I wonder if his wife Rita Marley, who I believe owns the rights to his music, will sign off on the use of the songs.



I would just love to see someone do a good film on him. Something like a Walk the Line. I adore Bob and think he has an amazing story to tell!


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