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Avatar Special Edition cinematic re-release trailer

Avatar.jpgAvatar is being re-released to cinemas on August 27th in the UK, and if you haven't seen it yet then this is the perfect opportunity. Whatever you think of the reviews, it's an event film and of that there is no doubt, visually it's stunning and all engrossing, and if there ever was an argument for 3D becoming standard, Avatar is it.

I personally loved Avatar (Filmstalker review), although I know plenty of other people analysed the elements and broke it apart, as a whole the film is astounding and I find it rather two-faced of many people to totally decry this film when Hollywood is churning out pulp like Marmaduke.

Avatar (Filmstalker review) has to be viewed as a sum of its parts, sure some of its parts can be broken down and analysed to be lacking, but look at it as a whole, and funnily enough that's the way that 3D should be viewed and used, not as the single driving focus of the filming, but as a small piece of the complete film.

Anyway, if there's a time to go and see Avatar on the big screen it's probably now with the re-release and the special edition which contains new footage.

Here's the small, 2D trailer for it, and even then some of the CG just looks spectacular.



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