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Avengers CG title teaser

Avengers.jpgThere seems to be a lot of excitement over this teaser, but let me tell you that this is teaser in the true sense of the word, there's no content what so ever apart from a CG title that appears with some light flare, oh, and Samuel L. Jackson's voice over.

I really don't see the fuss, unless you're into analysing titles and lettering. Of course the voice over is nice, but all we're getting is the fact that superheroes are going to team up.

What we don't hear is who they are going to fight and why they couldn't fight them on their own, or just call Superman or some such other character up, and who the Avengers are. So not much information really.

Enjoy the title sequence, I can't say this did anything for me but I'm sure for some it will be raising the hype for The Avengers.



They couldn't call Superman because he doesn't exist in the Marvel universe, he's in the DC universe.

And even Superman or any other equally powerful superhero needs some help once in a while. That's why there's the JLA and the Avengers.

Sorry for trolling. ^^

Superman is DC Comics this is a Marvel film :)

That's not trolling! I know they're different publication houses but does the general audience member really think like that? Do they make the distinction and realise that there is no Superman in those films?

I don't think they do.

Anyway it's just my general lack of enthusiasm for these superheroes getting bundled together, I just don't buy it as a film.


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