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Barry Munday trailer online

BarryMunday.jpgI missed Barry Munday at the Edinburgh International Film Festival this year, and I was pretty annoyed about it because it did look like a fun film, and from all accounts it turned out that way.

Now there's a high definition trailer online and it reveals quite a lot more about the film than festival booklets and blurbs do, and I'm still interested.

Here's the blurb for Barry Munday that stars Patrick Wilson in the lead role as Barry Munday and Colin Hanks, Judy Greer, Malcolm McDowell, Emily Procter, Cybill Shepherd, Chloë Sevigny, Missi Pyle, Christopher McDonald, Jean Smart, Billy Dee Williams, Shea Whigham, Kyle Gass, Matt Winston, and more. It's a pretty big line-up (and I'm not linking all them!).

Barry Munday, a suburban wanna-be ladies man, wakes up in the hospital after being attacked in a movie theater, only to realize that he is missing one of his most prized possessions... his testicles. To make matters worse, Barry learns he's facing a paternity lawsuit filed by a woman he can't remember having sex with. With this being Barry’s last chance to ever be a father, Barry reaches out and embraces the journey of parenthood and the onslaught of bumps that face him along the way. Filled with an ensemble of unusual characters, "Barry Munday" is the surprisingly heart-warming tale of a guy who finds it took losing his manhood to be a better man.

Have a look at the trailer over at Apple Trailers in high definition, it's well worth a look, although I still don't believe losing my bits would make me a better person, but then I'm a bloke!

You can also head over to the official site for more information on the film.



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