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Burlesque trailer underwhelms

Burlesque.jpgThe trailer for the musical Burlesque has arrived online, and I have to admit I am rather underwhelmed by it as it goes by and ticks all the boxes of these films that chart a nobody trying to be a somebody and struggling to get seen. From arriving in the big city to being a waitress to getting her break, there's nothing here that gets you excited for the film, well apart from two things.

One is the cast and the other is the hint of things turning sour.

Now it is a hint, but in the trailer there's the warning from Cher's character to Christina Aguilera's that there will be people who want to be with her just because of her talent, hanger's on in other words, and with that we could see something a little darker, a little more meatier.

However there's nothing more on that apart from the one liner and a few flashes of images that could suggest something more.

Then there's the cast, two leads I've already mentioned, but there's also Stanley Tucci, Alan Cumming, Kristen Bell, Cam Gigandet, Peter Gallagher and Eric Dane, a couple of strong actors in there, and I'm a big fan of Tucci and Cumming so let's hope they get a chance to do something more than we're seeing in the trailer.

Here's the very trailer for Burlesque found through Collider:



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