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Update: Cage drops out of Trespass...and back in again

NicolasCage.jpgThis is a rather odd story, fringing on gossip but it does have a casting change or two in it that is deserving of a look. It seems that Nicolas Cage has dropped out of the film Trespass with just weeks before filming is due to start, this after just weeks before changing his role in the film from leading good guy to leading bad guy.

Trespass is set to star Nicole Kidman and Jordana Spiro, with the possible casting of Liev Schreiber. The film sees a married couple kidnapped and held for ransom, something that doesn't turn out to be as simple as they had hoped.

It seems that up until a few weeks ago Nicolas Cage was set to play the husband to Nicole Kidman's character as the married couple who are kidnapped in Trespass, however he switched roles and moved to being the leading bad guy from the leading good guy.

The story from Deadline Hollywood Daily strongly insinuates that this was Cage's decision, and not the director's, Joel Schumacher.

Now we hear that he's actually left the production entirely, although to begin with it was sounding as though he had just up and left without word and couldn't be reached.

So now the production, with only weeks to go, has to find a leading actor for both the good guy and bad guy roles, and that the actors have to be pretty big names considering the budget attached to the film and the fact that the leading lady, Nicole Kidman, is already in place.

There's the suggestion in the article that if they can't find the actors and the production is delayed, lawsuits could ensue. Nasty business, but when you've signed to do a job, you've signed to do a job.

I wonder when we'll hear from Nicolas Cage?

Update: News from the same Deadline Hollywood Daily article through The Playlist tells us that Nicolas Cage is back on track for the film. Now that could be that he's just, as the story says, burned out from all The Sorcerer's Apprentice promotional work (it was only Jay Baruchel at the Edinburgh screening yesterday), or it might be that when he realised the implications of pulling out last minute, he came right back in. Of course there's a third option, and that could be he was wondering which role to play as the rumour is that he is now back to playing the husband.



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