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Cassel and Bellucci together again?

BellucciCassel.jpgA dream pairing indeed, and they've showed just how great they are together on screen in films such as the excellent Irreversible, and while Vincent Cassel was talking to press about his excellent Mesrine films, Mesrine: Killer Instinct (Filmstalker review) and Mesrine: Public Enemy No. 1 (Filmstalker review), he revealed that he and his wife are to appear in a film again, but nothing as serious as Irreversible.

Cassel will produce the film that he's going to star with his wife Monica Bellucci in, and it's going to be a romantic comedy. Definitely not as audience upsetting, but hopefully somewhere near as engaging.

The article is actually about Vincent Cassel himself and his recent excellent appearance in the two Mesrine films, which I thoroughly recommend that you watch. He does talk a little about his relationship with Monica Bellucci, but really it's about the eight films they've done together, how he keeps their lives private (I think the key to a marriage surviving in the spotlight) and how he struggles with the constant media attention on them, despite them being a famous couple in mainland Europe.

Speaking about working together he said:

”I love the idea of sharing this thing with her, too. On the set, shooting goes really fast. To work with someone you actually love, you can go further in less time...

...In Irreversible (2002), if we hadn't been married, I don't think I would have been able to spit in her face while we were naked. You can fake it, but it's not the same.”

Well I don't know about that scene, but the emotional connection between the two is very obvious throughout the unique film, and considering how that relationship appears on screen it would be great to see it in a romantic film, one where they aren't in any violent or upsetting scenes. Perhaps that off screen relationship will power a great romantic comedy.

There's nothing much said about the film in the article, and it seems that the comments in the original article have been removed, but The Playlist have managed to grab the comment through Google from USA Today.

It reveals that he is producing a romantic comedy and that both will star in the film which will take place during the Rio de Janeiro carnival, and that's all we get before the details were removed, probably because the deal is still in negotiations and that Cassel wasn't supposed to say anything.

Still, there's not enough to jeopardise a film but enough to get us interested, a romantic comedy with Cassel and Bellucci as the on screen couple? Definitely.



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