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Cherry Tree Lane trailer online

CherryTreeLane.jpgThe British home invasion horror/thriller Cherry Tree Lane has a trailer online, and it looks okay. The film is hitting the cinema on September 3rd and then DVD some ten days later, and I managed to see it at the Edinburgh International Film Festival just recently, although I've realised I haven't posted the trailer yet - and I need to do that to let you know about the film.

It's the story of a weary couple who are sitting down to tea, a knock at the door and some of their sons friends arrive, push in the front door, and hold the couple hostage until he arrives home. In the meantime they subject them, and us, to some mild terror.

Actually that's a little unfair, the couple are subjected to some pretty strong terror, although not quite on the same level as Funny Games it's going in that direction. However the film didn't really excite the press audience that saw it at the EIFF.

The first half was a little boring, although the interplay between the couple was interesting to begin with, the discourse with the young people terrorising them is far from Funny Games. The last act was rather funny with the audience laughing at the final actions of the couple, I was almost screaming with frustration at the stupidity of the male character at the end, and we left confused and frustrated with the film.

Still, the trailer looks quite good and there's definitely an audience for the film which is something a little different from British horror, although not from horror in general.

Cherry Tree Lane is written and directed by Paul Andrew Williams who previously wrote and directed London to Brighton, The Cottage (Filmstalker reviews) and The Children (Filmstalker reviews), so it's somewhat of a disappointment.

You can see the trailer right here through Empire.



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