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Confucius English language trailer online

Confucius.jpgI've just seen this trailer for Confucius, the film of the Chinese philosopher's life directed by Mei Hu and starring Chow Yun-fat as the man himself, and it looks like there are far less words and much more action than you'd expect for a film about a philosopher.

It does look really good though, dramatic more than anything, and try as they might to make it sound terrible with that voice over, I think it does a good job of trying to sell it to western audiences.

That said though I'm not sure when we're going to get a chance to see Confucius, you would expect with a production that looks like this and starring the well known Chow Yun-fat that we'd be seeing it arrive sometime soon, especially since it was released in China in January.

Here's the trailer anyway, perhaps we will see a release in the UK or US on DVD/Blu-ray.



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