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Craven's My Soul to Take trailer online

WesCraven.jpgWes Craven is back, or so the marketing for this trailer would have you believe, and while the story isn't that surprising, especially for Craven, it does look rather slick, even if it'll probably play out the way you expect.

Mind you, saying that, who cares how it plays out, who's in it, anything about it, it's in 3D! Thankfully that's not too apparent until it announces it is and then you notice all the flicking and flying towards camera.

In fact it's almost as if the up until that point the trailer for My Soul to Take concentrates on character and story, and then when it flashes up 3D there's a desire to show plenty of shots moving towards camera. Tick.

Anyway, the new Wes Craven film is pretty simple. A serial killer once roamed the small town of Riverton and the night he died seven children were born in the town. For some reason the killer apparently swore to return and murder them all. Sixteen years later they start turning up, murdered.

One of them is having dreams of the murders and he's starting to wonder, as are some of his friends, if he's not involved himself.

Has the ripper returned from the dead, or is there something more down to Earth going on? Bet you can't guess.

Here's the trailer, which actually does look rather cool. Is Craven back?

I'm not sure. I just hope it isn't as thin and as well worn as it reads, and that Craven has managed to put some twists in there that aren't harking back to all his previous films name checked in there.



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