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Cuarón's Gravity does keep strong female lead

BlakeLively.jpgA little while ago we heard about Angelina Jolie taking up the lead of Alfonso Cuarón's film Gravity which would have followed a female astronaut piloting her ship back to Earth after an accident left her fellow crew dead. Then soon after we heard that she was leaving the project and Robert Downey Jr. was joining as the Captain of the ship who survived along with the female crew member, and at that point I felt a little bit let down.

The idea of a film solely focusing on a strong female lead all on her own sounded interesting, especially if it featured Angelina Jolie giving a strong character based performance. However that looked not to be, but then more casting news has discussed that original plot line again.

So now I'm a bit confused. I'd already mentioned on the Filmstalkers Facebook page that the casting for the role originally taken by Angelina Jolie had moved to Scarlett Johansson, and that Blake Lively had been added to those negotiations, so the confirmation from The Hollywood Reporter Heat Vision didn't really come as a surprise.

They tell us that both Blake Lively and Scarlett Johansson are in talks for the female role in Gravity alongside Robert Downey Jr., and that's where some good news comes.

It then says that, and I'll quote:

During the past two weeks, Johansson and Lively tested for the lead role of a female astronaut lost in space. A decision is expected within the next week or two...

...The movie's plot revolves around astronauts repairing the Hubble telescope who are hit with an avalanche of satellite junk. In a plot akin to "Cast Away," the surviving astronaut must fight her way back to Earth, where she hopes to reunite with her daughter.

The good news is that it sounds like the plot is as the original, the female lead stuck in her spaceship alone and trying to get back to Earth. The film relying on the talent of the actor, as well as the writer, director, editor, etc. of course!

Now I do have to wonder if Johansson can really pull off that kind of role. I'm trying to imagine her as the strong female space person and I'm really having some trouble. Lively does present a better option, but I've not seen enough of her to really see her in this role. Mind you, it could be quite a huge career step for her if she does pull it off.

Good news about the film's story then, but is it good news about the casting? Who can you see managing to take this role forward?



I can't see neither Johansson or Lively in this role. Angelina would've been perfect, hopefully she comes back to the project


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